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Northern Powerhouse Consulting Start 2019 with a Bang!

A new website for a new year—and the message is on point

Northern Powerhouse Consulting is that rare thing in today’s sophisticated marketplace: a company with the integrity to pray what it preaches….

With the team here, a deep understanding of the importance of clear communication in business is not just something you’ll hear spoken of at one of their consultations or expert talks; it’s an axiom that the company really does live by and bring into its own business practice. Hence 2019 sees the launch of their new website with a clear layout, a visitor-friendly design and a straightforward message.

Likewise, an impressive client list is a testament to the company ethos and the efficacy of Northern Powerhouse Consulting’s services. are Co-operatives UK, easy Jet, Maze , Sheffield University and iicsa just some of the big names that have benefited from their experience. Sharon has also held a Board position supporting Ditch the Level, the international anti-bullying charity and ensures that Northern Powerhouse Consulting plays its ethical part by giving a number of places on events to charitable or Vulnerable groups - proof of a company that really puts its money where its mouth is.


The main force behind this powerhouse is Sharon Pegg, a dynamic leader with a passion for inspiring others. Beneath the youthful, friendly face and warm smile, Sharon has over 16 years’ experience as a senior Diversity and Inclusion practitioner and a wealth of invaluable insights. Working internationally to help organizations maximise their effectiveness, Sharon brings a short, easy and cost-effective solution to the table. Her unique touch helps all sorts of organisations—from the large to the small, the young start-ups to the more mature businesses—to protect themselves and support their employees. And, holding board level positions on a growing number of charitable organisations, Sharon has true perspective and brings a multi-angled approach to all that she does.


Apart from bespoke Diversity and Inclusivity consultancy, Sharon and her team’s services also cover bullying and harassment—an area that no organisation can afford to ignore in today’s social and political climate. The team consists of Maria Tonks, Fiona Magee and Julie Comb who together draw on diverse global experience across a wide variety of corporate environments such as FMCG, Financial and the NHS. These experts understand exactly what is required of a forward-thinking business or corporation in 2019 and help organisations to implement a bespoke, practical Bullying and Harassment policy.

A pleasing balance is brought to the company’s list of services through their employee engagement solutions. Working from the inspiring statistic that emotionally engaged employees deliver on average 20% more value than disengaged colleagues, Northern Powerhouse Consulting shows how to achieve that elusive 20%. In the same vein, the team’s expert mediation services, with a 100% success record, help to do two things; they help to resolve complex and emotive issue quickly and at the same time to bring a financial benefit to organisations.


Northern Powerhouse Consulting regularly collaborates with clients across the UK. True to its name, much of its work is in the north of England covering Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham, Leeds, York and Sheffield. Meanwhile, consultation in the Midlands includes Birmingham, Coventry and Northampton and in Scotland, clients are based in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Further down South, the regions of Oxford, Cambridge and Southampton are covered, as well as Islington, Kensington and Westminster in London.

Visit to see Northern Powerhouse Consulting Ltd.’s engaging new website for 2019 and find out more about all the consultation services on offer. You can also contact Sharon Pegg and her team of experts by calling 07739 035170 (UK). Alternatively, you can drop an email at


Tel: 07739 035170 (UK)

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Sharon Pegg regularly collaborates with clients in: 

Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Birmingham, Coventry, Northampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton, London, Islington, Kensington, Westminster, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow.

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